Connecting the living and build environment

Ginkgo Sustainability exists to make buildings eco-friendly and sustainable. GINKGO offers consulting, design, installation, and maintenance services to help you realize your green building goals.


With our extensive industry experience, GINKGO can asses your green building options.


GINKGO can custom-design a living wall or living roof to suit your building’s needs.


GINKGO employees have experience installing a variety of living roof and living wall systems.


Services to help maintain your living roof or living wall post-installation.

Living Roofs

See how green roofs enliven the urban landscape and learn how they enhance building performance.

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Living Walls

Bring the outdoors inside, and benefit from the aesthetic and practical advantages living walls offer.

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Exploring and buying living walls just became easier with GinkgoWalls' online store.

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What Sets GINKGO Apart

Ginkgo Sustainability is committed to being a leader in the living roof and living wall industry. Key to that goal is a dedication to the Health and Safety of our employees and ongoing training to ensure we remain abreast of industry developments.

Christian Mahlstedt
President, Ginkgo Sustainability

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Company Highlights

  • Over 100 projects completed.
  • Dedicated living roof and living wall contractor.
  • Strong Health and Safety record.
  • Extensive Health and Safety training for employees.
  • Employees have training from manufacturers on various systems.