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  • Improve air quality.
  • Provide noise and sound insulation.
  • Mitigate the Urban Heat Island Effect.
  • Earn LEED Credits.
  • Provide habitat for wildlife and increase biodiversity.


  • Increase lifespan of roof.
  • Provide insulation and reduce cooling loads.
  • Reduce stormwater run-off.
  • Create amenity space for employees or building visitors.
  • Fulfill municipal by-law requirements.

Turnkey Solutions/Services

Getting to Know the Living Roof Industry.

Our expertise in the green roof industry has been developed over many years, and through our consulting services, we share this knowledge with our clients. We offer assistance with feasibility studies, green roof assessments and recommendations, plant information, LEED credit guidance, as well as green roof inspections and problem investigations. GinkgoRoofs also offers training and seminars; for example, we have taught the ‘Advanced Green Roof Maintenance’ course for Green Roofs for Healthy Cities as part of their Continuing Education program.  We are also available for speaking engagements.

Designing Your Living Roof.

With GinkgoRoofs’ extensive industry relationships and knowledge of green roof systems, a living roof can be designed to suit your green building envelope needs. Our Project Portfolio showcases the various types of projects GinkgoRoofs has undertaken and highlights the depth of experience we have in the field. The knowledge we have gained from our project history and position in the industry allows us to accurately assess the supporting structure and roof (including size, slope, orientation, and drainage), materials and labour, and aesthetics, and determine what green roof system will best meet your design objectives.

Installing Your Living Roof.

GinkgoRoofs has experience with all major green roof systems. Furthermore, our employees have received training from green roof system manufacturers, giving our roofing crews the depth of knowledge and expertise needed to install your green roof system correctly and efficiently.

We have considerable experience installing vegetated roof systems on sloped and flat roofs, as well as installing the different types of green roofs, namely extensive, semi-intensive, and intensive. The primary difference between the three types is the depth of the growing media, and consequently the types of plants that can be grown. Extensive green roofs are the most lightweight and grow a limited variety of plants, semi-intensive roof systems are well-suited to grasses and wildflowers, and intensive roofs can support the greatest variety of plantings and may include other landscape features, such as paving stone pathways and trees.

Caring For Your Living Roof Post-Installation.

Ongoing maintenance is integral to protecting your living roof investment; it helps preserve the beauty of the green roof while making sure that the original design is being fulfilled, and that the roof is meeting its insulation and stormwater management objectives. Our Maintenance Team can help ensure that the aesthetic and functional goals of the green roof are fulfilled.

Maintenance is required to remove invasive species and other weed growth, and to keep the green roof debris free. Maintenance visits also help ensure that drains are working properly and that the roof is properly irrigated; while most plant species used in green roof plantings are drought resistant, the roof may need occasional irrigation, especially during the first year as the plants establish themselves. Fertilization is also important to help keep plants healthy and to encourage growth.

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