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We believe that every small step has a positive impact.

Ginkgo Sustainability was founded in 2010 with a mission to connect living and built environments and a vision that respects nature and is economically viable for everyone. We see a better way to live in urban cities that provide meaningful jobs and build mindful communities.

In Canada we were one of the first, today we are the largest installer of green roofs with 3.2 million square feet or 300,000 square meters and counting. We help clients achieve and maintain their green building goals with hands-on expertise, quality workmanship at a fair price, and a safety-first and last policy.

We keep good company with clients in commercial, industrial, institutional, multi-unit residential and single home construction. An organic approach to doing business means you can always count on solutions tailored to your needs.

Over the years we have introduced more products and services. Our living walls division is climbing. Our turn-key offers include air purification and monitoring systems, grounds and moss art installations.

Today business is augmented by technology and our business is no different. We developed SoiLiNQ™, a SaaS based soil monitoring system designed for green construction, agriculture and landscape professionals. To stay ahead of the curve, we built a Canadian Research and Development Centre bringing high quality, best in class air filtration systems and smart green walls to the market.

Experience. Each of us brings our own, and our team are masters of their crafts. Their knowledge extends to environmental studies, biophilic design, plant design, landscape architecture, and human behavioural sciences, making us well placed to lead you to green.

Connecting living and built environments is our small step to ensure that like the Ginkgo tree we named ourselves after, we prosper for generations to come.

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teamwork makes green work

Our individual disciplines are robust. Our collective commitment to our clients, the environment and each other makes the work we do a lifestyle choice.

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To e-mail a team member use their first initial, followed by their last name. For example: b.green@ginkgosustainability.com

Christian Mahlstedt

Founder & President
B.A. (Hons), M.B.A., LEEDAP

Christian is the brick the business was built on.

An early adopter of green infrastructure, the company he started, was and remains inspired by a vision to connect nature to buildings. His thoughtful leadership is rooted in finding ways to work with developers, construction companies and homeowners to make sustainability affordable.

He brings full-circle experience as he previously estimated, installed and managed green roofs. His grassroots beginnings have led to seats on several boards that advocate for the economic, social, and environmental benefits of living architecture.

Prior to his foray into business, for reasons unknown, he completed a degree in philosophy. After hours you may find him running an obstacle course or packing a bag ready to trek around the globe.

Carrie Power

General Director
B.Sc., M.Sc. in Environmental Practice

As our starting quarterback she carries the team.

Carrie is an ambassador for the environment and a solution driven leader that makes room for everybody and brings a nothing is impossible mentality. She also brings 15 plus years of experience in management and business development in diverse industries. At GINKGO she heads up our day-to-day operations and is fully immersed in all the moving parts.

When she’s not running the office marathon, she’s considering running a city marathon. An adventurer who chases new experiences across the globe, she is drawn to water and all the sea creatures that call it home.

Jenny Moore

Director of Delivery
BSocSci (Hons)

Jenny delivers. 

She has spent the last decade with GINKGO in a pivotal operational role. Her extensive construction and project management skills make her a force of nature. A flare for transparent communication that delivers flawless green roof installations because she manages potential problems before we know there is one. The consideration of the smallest of details keeps our teams a step ahead. Responsible, decisive, and budget conscious she steers people and projects in the right direction.

Our rarely idle, natural planner is an adventurer with heart. She enjoys camping, music festivals, travelling, and playing sports in recreational centres across the city.

Donald D’haene

Lead Estimating Manager
BA Landscape Architecture

Donald has a pulse on environmental solutions from a global perspective.

At GINKGO he mentors and trains the next generation of sustainable leaders. With over 20 years of experience, 300 green roofs installed globally, he brings invaluable knowledge to the team. Though he likes the nicheness of the industry he envisions a time that it is simply, the way it is. His motto is something green is something good.

Originally from Belgium, chocolate cravings are melted into his DNA. So is gathering his family in a mini trailer in search of mountains, water, and space. At home he lives off their land and cheers on his son at multiple sporting competitions.

Joel Ferguson

General Manager
GINKGO Air & Director of Innovation

With Joel something exciting is always taking shape.

A veteran of innovation, he has spent years studying air pollution and the harmful effects it has on people. At our Research and Development Centre he designs with purpose and oversees manufacturing for the GINKGO Air line of products. He affectionately refers to the lab as his sandbox and his capacity to work with, and retain data is inspiring. His global vision is green houses on every continent to make the world a better place to breathe, belong and be in.

When he allows himself downtime he likes to cook, listen to jazz, but mostly he contemplates his next revolutionary solution.

Bill Corrigan

Business Development & Project Manager

Bill leans in from a place of partnership.

As an active member on several industry associations, he enthusiastically supports policy change and the implementation of sustainable business practices. He has strong working relationships with all the key green roof system manufacturers and roofing contractors in Ontario, providing a full-service perspective to clients. With an eye to the future, he understood the benefits of building green decades back and is happy to work in an industry that contributes in a small way to the greener good.

He hikes, kayaks, plays hockey, and plants trees.

Jordan Richie

Project Manager

Jordan stays connected to his green roof builds.

While completing undergraduate studies in engineering he pursued his early interest in green infrastructure. Previously a Research Associate with Environment Canada he modeled the effects of vegetated roofs and walls on the thermal performance of buildings. With a focus on the benefits of sustainable builds, he is driven to deliver smooth installs with stellar technical support.

An outdoorsy explorer he is energized by camping, canoe trips and sharing these experiences with his family.

Joey Vilcius

Project Manager
B.A. Environmental Studies, GRP, VCE

Meet our natural born planner.

Joey knew from a young age that her career path had to positively impact the environment. She approaches all her green roof projects with a back-up plan, followed by another back-up plan and delivers it all in the spirit of collaboration and with a sense of humour. She admits that there is not just one way to do things, but being well-prepared is the only way.

Any conserved energy is spent making bakery worthy cakes, travelling as much as time allows, and enjoying her small entourage of animals. She could easily have been a vet.

Erika Schiller

Maintenance Supervisor
BSc Physics (Hons)

She is partial to the geometry of things.

Erika brings 15+ years’ experience in landscape maintenance. She likes that GINKGO is one of the few green organizations that handles maintenance because it’s a specialized skill. She trains our maintenance crews, enforces safety, and never misses a beat. Site assessments, scheduled visits and follow-up reports round out her full days.

She has a fondness for the less appreciated animals that inhabit our city and volunteers at the Toronto Wildlife Centre. When she’s not tending to the needs of green roofs and sassy urban animals, she’s prepping tasting menus for friends and family. 

Napier Tremblay

Maintenance Supervisor & Estimator

A roof with a view is what Napier sees daily.

He first joined GINKGO, as a co-op student studying the science of plant biology. He quickly realized he preferred being hands on vs being lab based. As a supervisor, he delivers on the promise of returning neglected or damaged green roofs back to their nourished natural state. The result contributes to cityscape changes, healthy plants, and happy people.

On the ground, Napier rollerblades or cycles to craft breweries around Toronto. He also tries out new cookie recipes on his colleagues, which we all appreciate.

Doug Wigmore

Senior Accountant
BA Economics, Certificates in Business Administration and Certified Accounting

Doug gets a kick out of numbers.

Forecasting financial health and managing ledgers is what Doug does, but it’s his attention to details that we count on. A lifelong learner who is currently working on his CPA he is not just transactionally driven; his goal is maximizing potential, both personally and professionally. As a new dad he values being part of the positive change he wants to see in the world.

He is nostalgic about Star Trek and takes the “live long and prosper” line to heart, which is why he also gets a kick out of boxing.

Patrick Hare

BA, B.Ed.

Camaraderie makes the on-site team work.

Patrick is a planner who enjoys seeing it all come together on green roof installations. His goal is always client satisfaction and projects that run smoothly, but we deal with living products, so he’s good on his feet and adaptable to onsite changes.

His free time is spent with his young family enjoying the outdoors and one of their favourite shared pastimes, snorkeling, or as he calls it swimming in nature’s aquarium.

Michael Rocca


A blank slate is an opportunity to make something beautiful.

Michael has been with GINKGO for close to a decade. He takes great pride in overseeing project sites and making sure they are equipped with all the tools and safety measures necessary. His favourite moments are when it’s done, the clients’ expectations have been exceeded and he can drive by and feel good that he did that.

Off the clock, and in season, he fishes, plays tennis and snowboards. He also golfs a pretty good par.

Alfonso Rocca


Rain or shine Alfonso is on the job.

He thrives being in the highly specialized construction of green roofs. After nine years with GINKGO he says no project is the same, it’s one green roof at a time and we can’t build them fast enough. Safety first is the daily discipline and communication is the key to keeping projects moving forward.

Off the roof he hears the call of the wild and enjoys hiking and fishing. Closer to home he tinkers in the garage, working with his hands building stuff while whispering to himself in multiple languages.

Sean Militello

Director of Technology

Sean first began working in Technology as a Market Researcher for a Search Engine start-up in 2001. Since then, he has built a unique multi-track career spanning the Arts, Applied Sciences, Education, and Strategic Management.

A talented communicator and gifted problem solver, Sean strives to be a rising tide that lifts all ships. He is a capable leader with experience managing diverse groups in multiple disciplines, building and motivating teams that are resilient, responsive, and self-reliant.

Holly Horne

Landscape Architect, Project Manager & Estimator

Holly likes to get her hands dirty.

Our resident Landscape Architect has spent two decades, designing, installing, and maintaining green roofs and gardens. Her commitment to homeowners is built on responsibility from inception to completion. She daydreams about urban rooftop farming to curb food insecurity, is policy informed and proud to design roofs that make a difference.

An avid cyclist, she rides along multiple trails in the city and is happiest outdoors. Her healthy competitive nature means that game night in, is usually a win.

Bailey Wiebe

Technical Sales Manager
Greenspace Management Diploma

Bailey is partial to a good before and after photo.

She has been maintaining greenspaces for 13 years. First as the owner of her own landscaping company where she perfected the particulars of plant biology and how they interact in different environments. With GINKGO for eight years, she provides clients with comprehensive on-site technical support that delivers green roofs that last.

Unplugged, she paints, surfs, and shares her joy of the beach with her boys. An ear for language and a longing to travel are perhaps remnants from her time as a flight attendant.

Kymm Robson


Kymm roots for plants.

She likes the natural challenge of propagation and is completely smitten with watching the green houses grow at our Research and Development Centre. Working with geneticists and botanists to explore optimal growth requirements and control pathogens keeps her up at night. Years spent in nurseries awakened her interest in sowing the seeds.

When she’s not talking to plants, she putters in her garden. She can also do the New York Times Sunday crossword puzzle in pen.

Sasha Liston-Milnes

Project Manager & Estimator
M.Sc. Plant Science, B.A. International Development & Environmental Studies

Conservation is the thread that connects us.

As a botanist, Sasha curates urban green projects across Canada. With more than a decade of expertise to offer GINKGO clients she creates residential roofs and living walls. She is deeply committed to the environment and empowering youth to embrace biophilic design.

Her natural spark is further ignited by exploring the city on her bike or walking the family dog. She refers to nature as our biggest gym and we need to be in it to stay connected to its powerful benefits.

Rob Edwards

Project Manager & Estimator

The goal is to go green.

Rob has built green spaces big and small for decades. Having managed green installations in institutional and commercial buildings makes him well equipped to know what clients are looking for before they are asking for it. His insight and discipline come from years in the Canadian Armed Forces with postings domestically and abroad.

He’s a passionate globetrotter who’s newest found joy is time spent with his grandkids.

Vincent Wong

Project Manager & Estimator
BA of Design

Vincent knows what to look for.

He worked with general contractors in the construction industry and knows how to navigate the logistics of building green. He has an eye for shop drawings and adhering to project timelines and budgets to mitigate risk and protect client investments. It all makes sense to him because what he does makes room for biodiversity and better communities.

On the job he’s never bored. Off the job, he enjoys a different kind of board. He’s an avid snow and skateboarder.

Fai Hui

Operations Manager British Columbia
B.A. Economics & Philosophy, LLB

A film changed Fai’s professional path.

“An Inconvenient Truth” propelled him to build rooftop farms and provide something tangible to communities domestically and abroad. An advocate and educator for sustainability and its multiple benefits he has attained RHS Level 2 Horticulture, IFOAM Organic Inspectors and BC IPM Pesticide Applicator certifications. His green toolbox has been put to good use on iconic buildings in British Columbia.

He appreciates that transitions can be challenging which is why he volunteers teaching conversational English to immigrants.

Asma Bashirivand

Product Designer & Biophilic and Sustainability Consultant

Nature speaks to Asma.

In turn she continues the conversation by educating corporate partners on biophilic design solutions that connect employees to their workspaces. Doing this leads to better overall health, increased productivity, and environmental sustainability. Nature-inspired design strategies are the baseline of her international research and with 14+ years dedicated to biomimicry practices she creates designs that reflect our interconnectedness.

As a nod to her creative nature, she plays the violin, paints, sculpts and works with stained glass.

Monique Lee

Maintenance Manager
B.A., Dipl. Horticulture, CHT, ISA Cert. Arborist, Horticulture as Therapy+

Monique wants to pass along the botanical baton.

She leads by doing and is actively involved in the design and diagnostic of living walls. Her expertise in the unique intricacies of growing plants vertically at elevated heights, and the mechanisms necessary to keep them growing make her an invaluable asset. She proactively digs deep to unearth optimal solutions for maintenance. As she readily shares her knowledge, she also celebrates the calibre of the team.

When she’s not maintaining our clients’ vertical gardens she’s managing her small agricultural farm, running with her dogs, and still finding time to garden.

Sandy Dos Santos

Living Walls Maintenance Supervisor & Estimator
Horticulture Technician Certificate, Diploma in Fashion

Sandy creates spaces where plants flourish.

She grew up on a sustainable farm and was always passionate about merging nature and design. Her approach to possibility, and a background in fashion translates to an aesthetic in the living walls she creates. With extensive knowledge of the complex workings of several wall systems she is well-equipped to recommend those that best align with a client’s vision and environment. Navigating the specific needs of plant varieties, their propagation, irrigation, and maintenance protocols are essential elements to delivering walls that look beautiful, do good and last.

Currently looking for her free time bliss, she has her hands in a lot of pots.

Camila Johnson

Living Wall Maintenance Technician & Moss Art Installer
BA, Diploma in Landscape, Public Relations and Communications

Art imitates life.

From a young age Camilla was encouraged to plant gardens. Her family runs tropical plant nurseries in her native Bolivia, it was here that she first began to study plant biology, propagation, and their fertilization needs. She likes the creative possibilities that preserved moss provides and is intent on seeing more of nature’s canvases hanging in business complexes and residential homes. An early environmentalist she sees a future where eco-tourism is the new normal.

Her love of plants cannot be contained. She recently started taking pottery classes to make pots to hold her substantial collection of house plants.

Caitlin Wilton

Green Walls and Grounds Maintenance Technician

The growing season is Caitlin’s favourite.

Having spent 15 years in the commercial landscape and property maintenance space she knows the importance of achieving the right water, light, and nutrient balance, so plants stay healthy. Healthy plants elevate the functionality, longevity, and aesthetics of the installation which is what Caitlin wants. She also wants to see greener urban centres and is optimistic that more cities will introduce by-laws to make it happen.

She finds bodies of water soothing and travels to absorb cultures and their landscapes. Closer to home you can find her cottaging and hiking, her rescue dog from one of her favourite countries, in tow.