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  • Improve employee productivity.
  • Regulate building temperature.
  • Increase property value.
  • Earn LEED credits.
  • Enhance building aesthetics.


  • Reduce noise pollution.
  • Improve indoor air quality.
  • Increase economic activity.
  • Provide insulation.
  • Lower energy costs.

Turnkey Solutions/Services

Getting to Know the Living Wall Industry.

The GinkgoWalls team has developed a bank of expertise over our years in the industry, and through our consulting services, we share this knowledge with our clients. We offer assistance with feasibility studies, vertical garden assessments and recommendations, plant information, and LEED credit guidance. For those who would like to know more about all that living walls have to offer, we are also available for speaking engagements.

Designing Your Living Wall.

Utilizing years of experience in the field, GinkgoWalls designs and manufactures custom living walls. Our Project Portfolio showcases the various systems we have developed and highlights how our systems can be tailored to suit your space while meeting design objectives.

Our systems utilize different materials, including cedar and aluminium, and come in different sizes to fit a wide range spaces. Portable or stationary, the systems can also serve a wide range of purposes, from being a lobby showcase to an office partition. The variation in design choice enables GinkgoWalls’ systems to be tailored to suit a space’s aesthetics while maintaining functionality and reflecting our clients’ individuality.

Installing Your Living Wall.

GinkgoWalls has relationships with leading green wall manufacturers and has experience installing a variety of living wall systems. Our team has the depth of knowledge and expertise needed to install your green wall system correctly and efficiently.

Maintaining Your Living Wall Post-Installation.

A living wall is a vertical garden, and like any garden, it must be maintained: a plant in a living wall has the same maintenance requirements as if it were growing in a pot or in the ground. Regular plant maintenance, such as pruning, fertilizing, or plant replacement, is necessary to keep the wall healthy and protect against plants dying or becoming overgrown, while maintenance visits are also needed to observe the wall system and to check water, light, and temperature levels. GinkgoWalls offers maintenance services that keep the living wall healthy and contribute to the wall project meeting its aesthetic and functional goals.

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