• Category: Commercial
  • Type: Installation, Maintenance, Manufacture
  • Manufacturer: GinkgoWalls
  • Value: $2,500 to $5,000
  • Location: Waterloo, ON
  • Size: 38 sq. ft.
  • System: GinkgoWall-32

Designed to complement Arc Media’s tech-savvy and innovative spirit, this GinkgoWall system manages itself through automatic self-contained irrigation and full-spectrum fluorescent lighting features to allow ARC Media to focus on their clients’ projects, while being able to appreciate the benefits of bringing nature into the workplace.

“The whole team at GINKGO has been amazing. They designed an incredible living wall for our office that is complimented by clients and guests on a daily basis. The installation crew was quick and courteous, and the scheduled maintenance helps keep our wall looking clean and fresh. I’d highly recommend Christian, Shaman and their team to anyone.” – Andrew Askes