Fytotextile Living Walls Now Available Through Ginkgo Sustainability

Fytotextile living walls are a modular living wall system developed at the University of Seville in Spain. Combining hydroponic and soil-based horticulture features, Fytotextile has been used across Europe since 2010. They have created over 16,000 square metres of thriving vertical landscapes. Ginkgo Sustainability is pleased to offer this technology to the North American market through a partnership with the system manufacturer, Terapia Urbana (Urban Therapy).

Fytotextile Living Walls

Plexal City, London, UK.

Also, the Fytotextile assembly incorporates a waterproofing layer, a moisture retention layer, and a breathable fabric layer with pockets for plants and soil. Modules are thin and flexible and can conform to almost any shape or size. Supported by a metal or wood substructure, the modules create an air gap between the wall surface and the module support. Lastly, at 35 kg/m2 (7 lb/ft2) plus the weight of the substructure (which varies according to the material used), it’s one of the lightest systems on the market.

Fytotextile Living Walls

Fytotextile panels and auxiliary support structure.

Additionally, Fytotextile living walls embody nearly 15 years of research, development and product testing. Nevertheless, Installing and maintaining the system is easy. It incorporates automated irrigation and fertigation that works in concert with the moisture retention layer to uniformly distribute water and nutrients to plants. Irrigation lines are easy to access for repairs or replacement. With up to 49 plants per square metre, the planting density is high. This results in excellent plant coverage at the time of installation.

Fytotextile’s breathable layer improves root zone aeration.

Embedded irrigation lines and a moisture retention layer ensure optimal water distribution

Further, Ginkgo Sustainability is the exclusive distributor of Fytotextile Living Walls in Canada. Additionally, Ginkgo provides project support via design consultation, preparation of shop drawings, auxiliary lighting simulations, plant selection, installation and maintenance.

Fytotextile Living Walls

Jaguar Land Rover showroom, Munich, Germany.

For more information, including pricing and technical specifications, contact info@ginkowalls.com.