2020: A Year In Review

2020 was definitely a challenging year for everyone, and we were very fortunate that our industry was considered essential so we could continue with our work. This is important because problems such as flooding and heat waves don’t pause just because there is another emergency, and green roofs can help with both of those things, especially in our urban areas.

So during 2020, we brought our total living roof installs to date to over 250, which translates into 70 acres, or 283,279 square metres. And our maintenance team made sure that all of our 209 sites remained beautiful!


Indoor air quality is also important (along with keeping the plants alive and healthy!) and our living wall team was able to continue to maintain our 38 walls, even during lockdowns. 2020 brought our living wall and mossart installation total to over 65 since 2014.

Despite the struggles faced, we were also able to grow, adding 10 more team members.  While 2020 was different than our previous years in many ways, we are very grateful that we were able to keep going, not only for the company and our employees, but for the environment, and of course for the plants that we were able to care for.