Versa Wall® by GSky is a Great Choice for your Next Living Wall Project

Founded in 2004, and with offices in Florida and Vancouver, GSky is one of North America’s leading living wall suppliers and GINKGO is proud to partner with GSky in the Greater Toronto Area market. GSky’s Versa Wall® modular tray system is one of GINKGO’s most popular living wall products and GSky is an effective partner in supporting our clients by providing shop drawings, product specifications, and technical knowledge.

Versa wall living wall

GSky Versa Wall® installation by Ginkgo Sustainability Inc.

Compared to other living wall systems, the simplicity of the Versa Wall® system is what makes it stand out. The nature of the Versa Wall® design makes it easy and clean to plant. This is beneficial for projects where a change of design is anticipated. For example, changing the plant design to reflect the changes in seasons. Another situation where the Versa Wall® system is useful is where cleanliness is important, making it an ideal living wall system for spa or pool locations. No soil or water will escape from the leaves or roots in the Versa Wall® system.

GSky Versa Wall® specifications. Provided by GSky.

The Versa Wall® system

can also be used to create an artistic feature piece as soft curves can be incorporated into the planting design to suggest movement and flow. Over time, the plants will grow and soften the edge slightly, but the design will remain intact. Because of the drip-down irrigation style of the Versa Wall®, it is also a great option for hand-watered applications. The system also works well with direct irrigation or a recirculating tank, which we recommend for larger walls.

Versa wall living wall

GSky Versa Wall® residential installation by Ginkgo Sustainability Inc.

In the Versa Wall® system, the plants remain in their plastic pots, which makes them easy to swap out, but it also limits the capacity of plants to reach their maximum potential. Further, some plants that we found work well for the Versa Wall® system: Philodendron, Neon/Golden Pothos, White Butterfly Nephthytis, and Schefflera ‘Luseane’. Ficus Elastica, Pink Syngonium, Austral Gem Fern, and Anthurium are accent plants that work well.

GSky Versa Wall® specifications. Provided by GSky.

Ginkgo Sustainability is an experienced installer of the GSky Versa Wall® in Toronto. We provide project support via design consultation, preparation of shop drawings, auxiliary lighting simulations, plant selection, installation, and maintenance. Standard trim is available for all our living walls and can be custom-made of wood or metal.

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